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Live wedding painter & muralist Aimee Joy Claire in her art studio.

About Me

Hello there! I'm a passionate artist based in Portland, Oregon, with roots in the picturesque landscapes of Northern California. With a lifelong love for nature and animals, my artistic journey began at the age of 12, selling paintings and offering mural services shortly thereafter.

Animals, nature, and abstract forms are my primary inspirations. In 2021, I delved into the world of live wedding painting and found my true calling. Whether I'm adorning walls with giant tropical leaves, capturing beloved pets on canvas, or immortalizing a couple's cherished moments, wielding a brush remains my ultimate joy and privilege.

When I'm not immersed in my art, I nurture my extensive houseplant collection while enjoying audiobooks, envisioning new tattoo designs, or embarking on paddleboarding adventures with my partner and our two delightful dogs.

Live wedding painter & muralist Aimee Joy Claire holding her custom art work.
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